RV Partfinder Home Page
First you have the RV Partfinder opening screen.
This is the first page you see when RV Partfinder starts up, from here you can conveniently perform 4 different searches. Quickly search for parts by entering a Distributor's catalog number in the first box. To search for a part by description, simply use the second box. Manufactures part number is probably the most common method, enter it in the third box. RV Partfinder is Barcode compatible, so the easiest method is to use a Barcode Reader in the right-hand box.
RV Partfinder Search Results
Next, RV Partfinder goes to work.
The product we use as a sample is a SHURFLO Revolution Water Pump. In seconds, the same water pump was found in seven different distributor catalogs. The number of distributors you choose to search is not limited and the order displayed on the screen can be adjusted for your preference.
Add Parts to your Order List, Just Like Pencil & Paper!
Then you add the product to your Order List.
After you find the product you're looking for, simply click on the Distributor's Catalog Number and the Order list will keep track of the parts you need. This feature also allows you to track the product or flag it for a specific job, so the person checking in your parts orders will know exactly what to do with each product.
RV Partfinder Order List
Now you have an Order List for all parts needed.
When you add a product to the order list you create an orderly method of tracking what you need. Products are grouped by distributor- simple and effective organization. By selecting a distributor and clicking 'Create a PO' a purchase order is generated for you to FAX or submit via the web!
Distributor Purchase Orders
Then simply generate a Purchase Order.
Create a purchase order with your choice of sending it over the web or print the PO and Fax it in. This is an easy to read PO, complete with your account number at the top, phone and fax numbers for the distributor, and the expected order total! Notice the timestamp at the top-right and a PO number that's automatically generated or you can use your own. with your choice of sending it over the web or print the PO and Fax it in